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A WiFi

WiLoader uses WiFi for communication purposes. It can connect to your existing WiFi network and even if the signal is too weak or not available for some reason, it’s capable of creating a WiFi network just for you.

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WiLoader makes programing easier and much more fun. Specially when you are dealing with robots, drones and other portable devices. Its a suitable and wise choice for hard to access devices too.

AVR chipset


WiLoader is capable of working with a variety of AVR chips effortlessly. It’s also compatible with Arduino boards and matches perfectly with their programming pins. So in short, it’s the new generation of programmers.

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WiLoader provides a COM port over WiFi that is also accessible through Arduino serial monitor utility.

Smartphone Connection

WiLoader can be easily configured, using the smartphone application that will be provided by petunia tech. This app creates a bridge between your mobile phone and the target’s UART port

Wide Voltage Range

WiLoader can work in wide range of supply and I/O voltages.
Supply voltage range :  from 3.3 V  to  5.5 V
I/O   voltage range :  from 1.8 V to  5.5 V


Pasadena, CA

Email : info@petuniatech.com